Me Time

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The High Lights

Self Portrait

The Radical Reuben from The Chicago Diner ( fucking amazing)

This was for real the most delish imitation meat meal I have ever had. Seared corned beef seitan is topped with sauerkraut, onions, peppers, melted cheez and vegan thousand island, all on marbled rye. I washed it down with some Original Sin Hard Cider and was a happy girl.

My unmade bed

Bleeding Heart Bakery

You just have to…..

 A + Tattoo Studio

Got a little tribute to the Windy City

The Lair of the Mintaur Burger from Kuma’s Cornor

(meat is murder, tasty tasty murder)Heavy Metal, Hard Cider, Side Salad & Caramelized Onions, Bourbon Soaked Pear and Brie

Love bugs

Bernice’s Tavern in Bridgeport

The perfect end to the weekend was meeting a friend for a drink

at this perfect neighborhood tavern. and we had it all to ourselves.