5 Days in Sea Town: Part 2

Day 3

Day three could have ended after breakfast and we would have been happy, as Jones has been searching for the perfect plate of huevoes rancheros for as long as I have known him, and we found them at Señor Moose.

Modestly located just outside downtown Ballard, this place is a “must eat”.

Way stuffed but thoroughly satisfied later, we headed to board the Ferry to Bainbridge Island,  for our wilderness adventure….

If you have never been on a ferry it’s actually rather exciting, waiting in line for your turn to pull your car onto the platform, going up to the upper level and watching as the city falls behind, sea air and TUG BOATS! It’s really just something you don’t get much of in the Midwest.

Once on land we drove up to see a friend in Port Townsend and then onward to Olympic National Park to see the sights of Lake Crescent

The real adventure started when we came across the Storm King Trail….

It looked cool so we took it, up and up and up…..It was steep and winding and really beautiful.

and it wasn’t until the sun started to drop, that we realized we had no water and remembered bears lived there, then it occurred to Jones to look at a map. A map that told us we were attempting to hike a 4 mile trail that wound up a 4, 534′ mountain, so we agreed our efforts were valiant and headed back down

to start on our 3 hour trip back to the city……we did after all have to be well rested for our tattoo appointments the next day.

Day 4

Portage Bay Café was a suggestion from our hosts, and it was a great one. I mean c’mon they have a fucking toppings bar for your pancakes, french toast and waffles.

I will tell you what, there is an incredible plethora of eateries in Seattle and we were never once disappointed during this trip….Well except for the late night decision Jones made for the blue cheese and bacon slathered sweet potato fries, that thank goodness we don’t have a photo of, a crime we can forgive but not forget……now for tattoos

As our friends know, we return from every trip with new tattoos so you all knew Seattle would get added to the collection. We went to Under the Needle Tattoo, right down town and actually under the needle, to see Matt Lentz. Who, I am confident in saying, is responsible for my new favorite piece,

he also did a really impressive job of getting creative in order to fill the space Jones had left on his forearm

So this wraps it up on the picture taking portion of the trip as my tattoo is placed nicely in the elbow crease of my right arm, other wise known as the ditch, thus raising the stakes on what seemed worth it to bring the camera to my eye. But I will add a few more suggestions/discoveries in the last hours of our time there.

Rays Boathouse has a great view, and despite their salty prices (pun intended) we really enjoyed our Cajun Rockfish, which was enough to share.

D’Ambrosio Gelato was so good, and satisfied our sweet tooth

The Tractor Tavern had a pretty good collection of music shows coming up. Like Austin Lucas, a personal favorite of mine who I missed seeing by just a couple of days.

I found an incredible selection of organic gauge jewelry at Pierced Hearts 

Day 5

Our last day was all about Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge and their breakfast happy hour. Sure you can order delicious eyeopening drinks, but their food is what it’s all about, as their breakfast menu is half-off and unbelievably good.

So there you have it, our first trip to the Pacific North West and it was great. Next time I hope we can make it up to Vancouver, CAN as well and maybe be a bit more prepared to spend some real time in the woods, but no matter what you like to do you really should make it out there….

xoxo The Jones’



Me Time

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The High Lights

Self Portrait

The Radical Reuben from The Chicago Diner ( fucking amazing)

This was for real the most delish imitation meat meal I have ever had. Seared corned beef seitan is topped with sauerkraut, onions, peppers, melted cheez and vegan thousand island, all on marbled rye. I washed it down with some Original Sin Hard Cider and was a happy girl.

My unmade bed

Bleeding Heart Bakery

You just have to…..

 A + Tattoo Studio

Got a little tribute to the Windy City

The Lair of the Mintaur Burger from Kuma’s Cornor

(meat is murder, tasty tasty murder)Heavy Metal, Hard Cider, Side Salad & Caramelized Onions, Bourbon Soaked Pear and Brie

Love bugs

Bernice’s Tavern in Bridgeport

The perfect end to the weekend was meeting a friend for a drink

at this perfect neighborhood tavern. and we had it all to ourselves.

Current Reading

I haven’t been an avid or consistent reader since I earned points from Pizza Hut for reading R.L. Stine books, but I would like to be. Or at least a moderate reader. The last book I read was Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

(click the book to purchase)

And LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Now I am not going to write a full summary/ review for you, but I will say that it was the most lovely and enjoyable mix of weird, disturbing, genuine and wise I may have come across. So much so, that it has taken me the last months since finishing it to even consider reading another, and can only hope that I might like it even half as much. Publisher’s Weekly said…..

This audacious, mesmerizing novel should carry a warning: “Reader Beware.” Those entering the world of carnival freaks described by narrator Olympia Binewski, a bald, humpbacked albino dwarf, will find no escape from a story at once engrossing and repellent, funny and terrifying, unreal and true to human nature……

and words like these still roll around in my head…

“I get glimpses of the horror of normalcy. Each of these innocents on the street is engulfed by a terror of their own ordinariness. They would do anything to be unique. -Arturo Binewski aka Aqua Boy”

Now as with all things there are are some who’s heads it will glide right over and who’s hearts it will circumvent, but if you have ever been drawn in by the odd, put off by the typical and ever personally felt like a “freak”, even just a little, this book will will resonate with you.

I have since listened to two audio books while on road trips that I would highly recommend

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer

The Devil You Know (Felix Castor)

But having recently made a commitment to myself, to allow a thought about wanting to do something, happen only 3 times before I have to do something about it ( it’s part of my productivity plan) actually READING books has come up a lot lately. Wanting something other than a “project” to occupy my spare time, having a reason to just sit still while stimulating my brain with words and imagination rather than numbing it with television I am starting with

The Witch of Portobello

I got a lot from the The Alchemist , written by the same author, when I read it years ago and will keep you posted as I get further in, but so far it’s exactly what I needed.

If your interested in any of the books I listed, their titles are all linked. Or you can follow my suggestions in the menu to the right. And if you have must reads” definitely leave them in a comment!