Mother’s Day

mothersdayMy mom has never left me to guess if she believed in me or loved me completely. As a young kid I felt her attention as she would stop what she was doing to listen or help me. As an (asshole) teenager I felt her commitment as she followed me to hell and back, refusing to let me get away with the idea that I was ever alone. As a young woman I felt her support as she shared with me advice, wisdom and encouragement but always let me make my own decisions. And now, as I am even older than she was when she brought be into this world I feel a different kind of love between us. It’s more than ‘mother loves daughter, daughter loves her back’. It’s about friendship and admiration and respect and it’s flowing in both directions. It feels equal and endless and kindred. Because let’s face it, it’s one thing to love your mom and another thing entirely to also like your mom.

So mom, as your daughter, as your friend, as a woman and as a human I think you’re tops.


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